First Treatment

" James has a unique way of healing not only the aches and pains, but reaches much deeper. I always left sessions with James with a sense of inner peace"
-Barbara S.

Your comfort is my biggest concern

Every medical system, regardless of tradition, has to have a way to see into the body. Western medicine uses x-rays, mri's, and blood work. Chinese medicine uses tongue and pulse diagnosis. Along with a very detailed intake, every patient will have their tongue and pulse assessed in my treatment.


Tongue Diagnosis

The tongue is a reflection of imbalances in the body. Based on abnormalities of tongue shape, size, color, and other features, I am better able to give you a personalized and effective treatment.

Pulse Diagnosis

I take a total of 12 different pulse readings, providing a comprehensive analysis of how your energy is flowing and where it may be blocked.

Acupuncture, Herbs, and Qi Gong

Based on my evaluation, I will determine if you are a good candidate for acupuncture, herbal medicine, or Qi Gong therapy. We can begin the acupuncture therapy in the first session after the evaluation. After all, there is no better time to start optimizing your health than right now!

What People Are Saying

" I have sent several of my beloved friends to Jim, for small and large, specific and obscure issues. In each case, they have been profoundly excited about the gifts of this remarkable healer and good man." --Winifred B.


" James Rohr was an angel sent by God to me. He dealt with all aspects of my treatment. My body, mind and soul. He not only brought comfort to me through acupuncture but he was able to help me tap into my spiritual side to guide me through a frightening journey." Linda B.


" James Rohr's care for his patients' personal growth and well being makes him coveted in the health care industry. " -Arlene S.


" From Stanford to the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Jim gained the ability and gift of communicating and healing an array of patients and their illness. His expansive knowledge of general western medicine also helps reassure patients who may be unsure about acupuncture or chinese herbs. " -M. Duffy



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